We are a group of creatives making artistic, narrative games with a focus on Asian American representation. After creating our first game A Taste of the Past for a 72 hour game jam, we received a positive reception about our project and polished our game for the next few months to release on Steam and Itch.io. A Taste of the Past has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam.

Now, we are working on a prototype for our next project. You can follow our Twitter, Tiktok, and Discord for updates.

Emily Pitcher

Narrative Designer & Community Manager


Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a So-Cal based designer and writer making games about complicated families, coming-of-age, and hope. Besides narrative and social media, I level design and manage our operations. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, making silly Tiktoks, and reading. My favorite games are Spiritfarer, Before Your Eyes, and Night in the Woods.

Peter Sutarjo


Hello there! I’m a programmer that is drawn in by the collaborative aspect of game development and solving problems in game design and engineering. I grew up playing games like SSX 3, Lego Star Wars, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater on my PS2 before getting my hands on a computer and falling in love with games such as Ori and the Blind Forest, Journey, and Gris. I hope to make games that are genuine, heartfelt, and introspective.

Megan Xu

Artist & Programmer

Hello!! I’m a third-year at Carnegie Mellon University studying CS and Stats/ML, and minoring in Game Design. I love working on projects which combine technology and artistry/ creativity, and game development is the perfect fit for my interests and skill set. In my free time, I enjoy painting, frogs, matcha, online shopping, and playing games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Deltarune, Omori, Hades, Stardew Valley, and League.

Caroline Wang

UI/UX Designer & Artist

Helloo I’m Caroline!! I’m currently a Design Media Arts major at UCLA! I’m passionate about creating powerful experiences through game development, especially in terms of the visual direction. I primarily work in UI/UX and art in our games, but I also work closely on level design and game design. In my free time, you’ll find me drawing, cooking, collecting cute pins and charms, and playing games (my favorites include Celeste, Gris, League, & Earthbound)!

Caio M. Jiaocomini

Sound Designer & Technical Sound Designer

I’m a sound designer, composer, and developer from Brazil passionate about creating meaningful experiences with games. Some of my favorite games are Inside, The Banner Saga, Pyre, Monster Hunter 3, and Final Fantasy VI. Besides that, I’m into books, visiting museums, and watching obnoxiously long video essays.

Neda Lay

2D Animator, Artist

Yo, I’m a 2D animator in charge of making funny stills go brrr. When I’m off duty you’ll probably find me either drowned in indie projects, messing around with friends or absolutely obliterating my sleep schedule. Or all at once. Actually, probably all at once.

Izzy Szeto

Community Engagement

Hello, I’m Izzy! I am currently an undergraduate student at UCLA. What I find especially rewarding is being able to build and grow a community through a shared connection of experiences and memories formed from the stories we share through the games we make as a Studio. So it probably isn’t a huge surprise that one of my favorite tropes in any kind of media is “found family”. In my free time, I love drawing, making tea, and indulging in my toxic trait of playing one too many mobile gacha games such as Project Sekai, Ensemble Stars, and Arknights. Come yell or say hi to me!

Olivia Wang

Artist, 2D Animator

Hello 😀 I’m a visual development artist currently studying animation at Sheridan College! I’m a jack of all trades that likes to dabble in all aspects of animation, including layout, character/prop design and storyboarding. In my free time, I like watching cartoons, anime and baking!

Justin Lam


Hello! I’m a programmer who loves the intersection of art and technology. I’m fascinated in how games can tell complex stories with compelling visuals.  Some of my favourite games include Super Mario Galaxy and Odyssey, Final Fantasy series and Uncharted series. I also love watching a good movie and always awaiting the next blockbuster film.

Ben Young


Hello! I am a composer for games, TV, film and trailers. I’ve composed for Love Death and Robots on Nettlix, a dozen AAA game trailers or so, a few dozen TV shows like the Bachelor, Bachelorette, etc., and some indie games. Currently working on the game Savior and S4 of Love Death and Robots in addition to Sondering. I also enjoy programming and doing a little parkour in my free time.