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Meet Mei, a shy, Chinese-American high school student dealing with the suden passing of her mother. After losing all of her mother’s recipes, Mei embarks on a train…only to realize her ancestors have boarded as well. She must uncover her mother’s recipe for traditional noodles while learning about self-love, grief, and healing.

Experience a story of growth through reliving previous moments with family and cooking. A Taste of the Past is a relatable and touching journey about holding those you love close.


  • Complete cute cooking minigames. Gather ingredients from your ancestors to chop vegetables, fry noodles, and wrap soup dumplings.
  • Experience a cozy, heartwarming tale. Write poetry, talk about boy troubles, and re-discover why you started painting.
  • Stylized hand-drawn art.
  • Original voice acting, writing, art, and music

Now overwhelmingly Positive on Steam and featured in Game Devs of Color Expo